Experienced and practical lawyers of Huynh Nam Law Firm would consult and provide effective methods to resolve customers’ land problems.

  1. Consulting on land

– To apply for a certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and other assets attached to the land.

– Consulting regulations on buying, selling, gifting, giving and transferring houses and residential land.

– Consulting on real estate law with foreign elements.

– Applying for a building permit.

– Declaration of inheritance.

And many other issues related to the field of housing and land at your request

2. Land dispute settlement

– Advising on methods to resolve disputes, reviewing pros and cons of this disputing. Proposing specific effecient plans on negotiation and litigation period (if any)

– Determination of ownership and use rights of houses and land.

– Settlement of inheritance disputes and disputes over property being houses and land upon divorce.

– Settlement of disputes over land and housing boundaries.

– Disputes over compensation and resettlement when the State recovers land.

3. Participating in court proceedings

– Guide and advise clients on the order and procedures to initiate a lawsuit, the statute of limitations for initiating a lawsuit, the conditions for initiating a lawsuit, the status of the subject and composing the petition to send to the competent court. Proposing relevant procedure-conducting agencies when issuing decisions that are not in accordance with procedures and order… Affecting the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

– To support to collect evidences – documents, check and evaluate evidences – documents to submit to the Court; Compose the litigation application and other documents for Client
– Participating in legal proceedings as a barrister, protecting the legal rights and benefits of clients at courts in real estate cases
– Participating in litigation as an authorized representative of the client, implement all options and methods as prescribed by law to best protect the client’s legal rights and benefits at court.