Company Registration

With experience, Huynh Nam Law Firm is willing to provide and support you in the company registration process, to save money and time as much as possible. Huynh Nam provides company registration and registration of change to enterprise registration information service, include the following:

1. Registration of a one-member limited liability enterprise

2. Registration of a more than 2 members limited liability enterprise

3. Registration of a joint-stock company

4. Registration of a partnership

5. Registration of a sole trader

6. Registration of a household businesses

7. Registration of operation or change of its branch, representative office, or business location

8. The enterprise’s registration of changes in information about enterprise registration, such as Company’s name, headquarters address, business lines, information of the legal representative, charter capital/ company’s charter, stakes and holdings, founding shareholders/partners/member, conversion

9. Business suspension with a company, its branch, representative office or business location

10. Enterprise Dissolution