Consulting on Civil Contract – Commercial Business

In need of drafting a legally and logically commercial or civil contract that meets the interests of the parties, with practical experience, Huynh Nam could provide consulting services to the parties with following: With practical experience, we are ready to provide consulting services to the parties with a clear and close contract, ensuring legal rights, limiting disputes and minimizing risks. in transactions.

With a team of experienced lawyers, knowledgeable about the actual environment, we provide contract consulting services, specifically the following jobs:

  • Checking the status of the Client’s potential partners before Client enters into a contract;
  • Consulting on choosing form of contract that is suitable to the transactions of the parties;
  • Drafting contracts, cooperation minutes arising in the course of contract performance, reviewing contracts;
  • Checking on legal aspect of signed or future contracts;
  • Consulting on contract performance;
  • Appointing lawyers to participate in the negotiation, negotiation, signing and settlement of issues arising from contract performance